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Niebieska Dioda sp z o.o.
Plac Solny 13/52
PL-50-061 Wrocław

Tel: +48 71 7000235

Fax: +48 71 7000233
e-mail kontakt@bludiode.com
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Informacje o bludiode.com

Mission Our mission is to spread mobile technology, make you aware of the choice of the right device, and support you before and after the purchase. We want you to choose any smartphone or tablet, no matter what part of the world you have. We are trying to unify the markets. There are no boundaries for us. We provide products of the highest quality, often unavailable anywhere else. We pay great attention to product price and quality of service. Future Today's mobile devices have penetrated every aspect of our lives, using a smartphone, a phone, or a tablet. We can plan the day, browse the Internet, correspond with emails, make movies or take pictures. Many people can not imagine life without a phone - constant contact, the ability to write sms has penetrated into our society. The tablet, in turn, frees us from sitting at a desk and tangle of cables, allows us to comfortably browse the Internet or watch movies, making contact with the world become fast and friendly. Smartwatch will present the most important information on the wrist, and smart glasses can replace the basic smartphone! Rules We comply with the Labor Code, the laws of the markets we operate in. We respect the dignity and the belief of every customer, but also of our employees. We have set up technology to serve man, not vice versa. We inform about the benefits of modern technologies, but also about threats.
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